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Once Upon a Time...

Joe Fennel and Doug Allen were the owners of Jose's on Dickson. Jose's opened for business on March 5, 1980 as an 82-seat Mexican restaurant employing 11 people. Beer was sixty cents on tap and seventy-five cents in a bottle. Live entertainment, including Jed Clampit, the Ozark Plantation Band and Cookbook played every night to draw business owners and locals alike into the Dickson Street location.

Competition was tough, which forced original owner Joe Fennel to get creative to keep customers coming back to his restaurant. Fennel began holding toga parties and established "Legs Night", inviting the crowd to judge the best legs by applause. Word-of-mouth quickly circulated about the restaurant's festive atmosphere, and newcomers joined the loyal following by participating in taco and jalapeno eating contests and "five minutes of nickel beer" drink specials to name a few. Fennel even initiated the "Most Pitchers of Beer in a Month" tournament to encourage repeat business.

In 1983, the killer margarita was introduced, which Jose's is still famous for and now offers in 15 flavors. Jose's was always on the verge of closing until the first big remodeling job. At that time, a full liquor license was obtained and the restaurant added more seats. Essentially, two restaurants were created by this remodeling one private and one public.

Many, many Readers' Choice Awards and many years later, Jose's is still serving its customers at the new, improved Jose's Bar & Grill in Tontitown, just down the road from where Jose's Southwest Grille was located. Ole for Jose's!!!!



Jose's Bar & Grill
1032 E. Henri De Tonti
Springdale, Ar 72762


Just a hop, skip and a jump down the road from our Springdale location.





Jose's Bar & Grill ~ 1032 E. Henri De Tonti, Springdale, Ar 72762 ~ 479.750.9055
Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm ~ Friday 11am-10pm ~ Saturday 10am-10pm ~ Sunday 10am-9pm
Serving Brunch Saturday & Sunday 10am-2pm

We accept all major credit cards.

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